About Literacy Zone

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About Literacy Zone

Literacy is the ability to communicate through speaking, reading and writing.

It is the heartof our curriculum here at Cwmrhydyceirw and literacy skills are needed to access all areas of the curriculum.


On this webpage, we have looked for helpful links about literacy and have provided information about literacy in our school.

 You will find information about literacy in the Foundation Phase (3-7 years or Nursery - Y2) and KS2 (7-11 years or Y3 - Y6). These pages have been selected by the teaching staff because they support the learning in the classrooms.

Please let your teachers know if you find any useful websites that we can add to this page.

For Internet Safety, don't forget that you must never give out personal information about yourself on the internet without an adult present.

Although we have provided a list of websites that we recommend, please be aware that Cwmrhydyceirw Primary School is not responsible for the content on these pages.


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