Healthy Schools

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Healthy Schools Assessment Report 2013



Name of School          Craigfelen Primary School 


Contact Name           Carole Hill

Carole Hill                                 Healthy Schools Coordinator

Alison Williams                          Head Teacher

Louisa Reynolds Milnes               Deputy Head Teacher



Discussion with Pupils


I met with a delightful group of School Councillors from Years 1 – 6 who enthusiastically discussed the work they have been doing at Craigfelen. They

demonstrated sound knowledge and understanding of various aspects of Hygiene, in particular handwashing and the need to be extra careful during puberty and teenage years! The older children expressed the opinion that they would like the work on puberty and relationships to be started earlier.

Several members of the group had been trained on food hygiene as they were involved in the Breakfast Cafe held for parents. They thought that the fruit tasting session held for ‘Mammy’ was a really good idea and would like to do it more often, with sessions for children as well. They enjoyed the salad bar and obviously had a sound understanding of what constituted a balanced and healthy diet.

The fact that they expressed their opinions so honestly and confidently showed that Pupil Voice is an important part of life at Craigfelen Primary School; the pupils felt valued, safe and listened to. They all know who they could go to if they had any worries. They were so full of ideas for how to take the scheme forward I feel confident they will play a huge part of the work the school does in working towards the National Quality Award.

Please pass on my thanks to the children for contributing so positively to the assessment day.




Portfolio Description

The portfolio of evidence is very comprehensive and contains a range of work showing a whole school commitment to Health and Wellbeing and the actions put into place to achieve Phase 5. Actions were embedded in curriculum planning with evidence that all pupils are consulted in a meaningful way. The portfolio also contained evidence of all the hard work that has gone into involving parents and the wider community wore fully in the life of the school. This involved not only parents and grandparents but artists, Communities First Healthy Living Officer, Police, School Nurses, Designed to Smile and Sarah Hooke from Rights Respecting Schools. Professor Huw from Science Sleuths had conducted a workshop on bacteria and hygiene and I loved the Year1/2 work on ‘Design a Germ’. The school also took part in Food Safety Week activities.







Action Plan 1

Personal Development and Relationships


All staff had received training from the Healthy Schools team on the resource ‘A Whole School Approach to Personal Development and Relationships Education’ including Sense Key Stage 1 and 2. The toolkit is used across the school and embedded into the new planning format. The School Health Nurse is fully involved in supporting the delivery of SRE with both pupils and parents. The school has conducted an audit of resources and provision across the school to ensure easier delivery, this includes policies on PSE and SRE which have been reviewed and rewritten in line with Local and National Guidance and Learning Frameworks.

Work and pupil development is monitored regularly and needs identified and addressed.

The Boxall profile measuring emotional development informs the schools programme of nurture and support, a very strong feature of this inclusive school.

Several children act as Ambassadors for the Childrens Commissioner and there is evidence of the huge amount of work the school is doing on embedding the UNCRC articles. I particularly liked the rights that the children had prioritised which also meet the aims of Healthy Schools, and art work around these.

Restorative Practice training is underway.

The work the school has done on the Mental and Emotional Development of the children, with a strong emphasis on positive relationships, safety and support shows the commitment of the school to safeguarding issues in their broadest sense.





Action Plan 2 –

Hygiene and Nutrition


As reported in the description of the portfolio, there is much evidence not only in the portfolio, throughout the school and from talking to the pupils of the work that has been done on all aspects of hygiene.

Although toothbrushing take place throughout the school, in some classes it is more consistent than others. Work on nutrition helps support the work on oral hygiene.

The school will be providing food hygiene training for new recruits to the cafe.

I really enjoyed looking at the wonderful photographs of the work in the cafe. Now that this popular initiative is successfully up and running the school will begin to introduce healthy options on the menu. The cafe and breakfast club has ensured improved understanding amongst the children and parents of the importance of a nutritious start to the day.

All risk assessment are thoroughly carried out.





Action Plan 3 –


The school is introducing the new PATHS scheme of work from Barnardos which focuses on Mental and Emotional Health with other elements of the PSE curriculum including Healthy Living. This supports the work already being done around SEAL.

The scheme demands a large amount of time commitment in its delivery but I am sure that once it is built into cross curricular planning the other elements of the PSE Framework will be able to be addressed in a similar way.

The school has also continued to maintain and improve all previous actions from previous phases of the Healthy Schools Scheme.

The school has been committed to improving family and community involvement. The ‘Craigfelen Spiders’ savings club with Community First involvement has been a huge success and helps to instill good habits from an early age. The children won a ‘High 5 award for this work and the school is to be commended for this initiative. The pupils are also involved in the Heart Start project leaning vital First Aid and Resuscitation skills.





Tour of School

What a delightful school environment to walk around – both inside and out. Displays evidenced the actions the school have been working on, and I really liked the Rights Respecting artwork. This showed the rights the children had chosen as most important and how closely the work on Healthy Schools, Rights Respecting and Restorative Practice complement and support each other.

The work on Swansea in Bloom and Dylan Thomas in the garden area was wonderful – thank you for letting me see it. The tour really made me wish I was still in the classroom!




General Comments

Under the leadership of the new Head and Deputy the work at Craigfelen has gone from strength to strength. As well as introducing all these new initiatives the Senior Management team and staff have worked together to ensure that all previous work is embedded and further developed.

I was particularly impressed by the work that has further developed family and community links, and the very positive ethos throughout the school.





Recommendations for the future


Now that the school has completed Phase 5 of the Healthy Schools Scheme awards we can begin working towards achieving the National Quality Award. The implementation of Appetite for Life recommendations will be an important part of the work next year and the school will review its Food Policy and provision to make sure that it is fully compliant, especially around snacks and After School Club. I also think it important to collate more detailed evidence of the work done and the childrens work and opinions around SRE and Substance Misuse work, implementing the new Toolkit and resources into practice. Healthy Schools staff will be happy to support any training needed around this



Craigfelen has successfully completed

Phase 5  of the Healthy Schools Scheme and I recommend that

this school receive the award for this phase.

Please accept my congratulations on this achievement

Assessor:   Angela Latimer

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and time given to my visit, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a privilege to visit you and witness the excellent work. Please thank Carole and wish her well in her retirement.