A list of really Useful Apps we use in School

Last modified 04/03/2013 20:06

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A list of really useful Apps we use in school

On this page you will find a list of really useful apps that we use in school that we would recommend you download and use at home or in school.

App Name


Use / Description /  Area of curriculum

Puppet Pals


Free / £2.99

Literacy / Oracy / Welsh etc

Create animations / videos involving pictures you take, records movement and sound.

Book Creator



All Subjects

Create fabulous books about a range of topics, adding pictures and videos.




All Subjects

Create movies, videos and movie trailers.  Very useful for story writing to create movie trailers for stories.




Collins Big Cat App









Literacy / Oracy / Welsh

Create a moving animation from a still picture that will also use sound.



Literacy / Reading / Oracy

Excellent series of reading books that can be read to the child, read by the child and where the child can create a story!

Green Screen Movie FX



Literacy / Oracy / Drama / History

Have your very own green screen on any colour wall, children can act in front of a picture or moving image.

Coach’s Eye



PE / Science / Geography

A video camera that allows you to slow down the picture to a frame by frame rate where you can annotate over the video.



Free / £4.99

All Subjects

An excellent mind mapping tool, allows you to add pictures and videos.








Science / Geography / History

A very informative app with pictures and information about space.

Mow It



Literacy / Numeracy / Foundation Phase

A very useful multi-sensory app for young children to write with.

Hairy Letters



Handwriting / Foundation Phase

A super handwriting app teaching children letter formations.





Allows you to build up groups of spelling words with a range of activities to help you learn your words.

We will try to keep this page as up to date as possible with our digital leaders reviewing apps.  You can find more reviews on our school blog!