Year 3

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 Year 3  


Year 3


Last half term Year 3 studied the Celts. We visited a Celtic Hillfort in West Wales. The children were able to see the inside of a roundhouse and hold weapons that Celts would have used, some children even had their faces painted. In class the children learnt about Queen Boudicca and her battles against the Romans. In art the children made Celt shields and put their own designs on them.

The children also thought about what would have made a good leader for a Celt tribe. The children wrote speeches to persuade the Druids (leaders of the tribe) of a Celt tribe to let them join them on their team. It was fantastic to hear the children tell the class why they should be the next leader instead of me, they were rather convincing!



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    Our Class Timetable


Fruit Money Collected Today - 20p per day






If your child would like milk £1 must be given on a thursday and your child will have milk the following week



Dinner Money collected today - £2.10 per day 


Could all parents please ensure that correct kit is brought in on the correct day.

Please feel free to pop in and ask any questions that you may have about how the class works, or about your child’s development.