Year 2

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Autumn Term 2014

 Electric Rainbow

Year 2 saved Christmas!  Hoorah!  After we received a letter from Santa explaining how the electric rainbow was failing and the lights were too dim to finish making and packing the toys for the good girls and boys, Year 2 set off to find a solution.  Lots of letters with ideas went back and for hand delivered by Santa’s special elf who we caught on camera!  We designed a circuit with wires and batteries and found out that the more batteries, the brighter the light.

Santa was really pleased with our investigations and solutions and we are sure the boys and girls around the world we happy to receive presents on Christmas morning.



This term we have been learning about our families and how people lived in the past.

We had a visit from Caian’s Great Grandfather Brinley who told us all about what it was like growing up many years ago, the money that they used, the food they ate, what toys they played with and what it was like in school. He is now 85 years old and still has all his own teeth!

Bonny Baby Braydon-James also visited and we learned about how to care for a baby and compared the differences and changes in us since we were babies. 

We have also explored our family trees and talked about the people who are important in our lives.  It was funny listening to our ‘Toddler Tales’.

We can’t wait to take home our family albums to share with the people we love.



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    Our Class Timetable

 Fruit Money Collected Today - £1








  Dinner Money Collected Today £2.00 per day

Could all parents please ensure that correct kit is brought in on the correct day.

Fruit money is collected daily - It is 20p for a piece of fruit each day

Please feel free to pop in and ask any questions that you may have about how the class works, or about your child’s development.