Year 1

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Year 1



This term our class topic is happiness. The children are looking forward to finding out all about this topic. We are building our Happy Wishes Shop in which they will be able to create and buy good from Silky the fairy.


We will be carrying out a survey of all the teachers to find out what makes them feel happy. We will be having a happiness afternoon where we will be exploring activities that we find fun and taking turns to tell jokes to each other. We also make promises that will help make other people happy.


Explore themes of right and wrong talk about times they have felt sad and talk about this may be solved.


Listen to and sing songs about Happiness.





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    Our Class Timetable

Fruit Money £1 per week/20p per day 






Dinosaur School Homework/ PE Kit 


  Spelling Homework    /    Dinner Money Collected Today £2.00 per day

Could all parents please ensure that correct kit is brought in on the correct day.

Fruit money is collected daily - It is 20p for a piece of fruit each day

Please feel free to pop in and ask any questions that you may have about how the class works, or about your child’s development.