Specialist Teaching Facility - Foundation Phase

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Foundation Phase Specialist Teaching Facility for Pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties


Meet the Staff!
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Mrs Kyriakides Mrs Lewis Mrs Froom
  Meet the Children!  
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This term we are studying the topic of ‘Pitter, Patter, Puddle, Play’ and will be finding out as much as we can about water. To support us with our learning we will be going on trips to Penllergaer Woods, Velindre Reservoir, Wyevale Garden Centre and Craig y Nos Country Park.

To see what happens on our visits……..watch this space!!!








This term we have been studying the topic of ‘Pitter, Patter, Puddle, Play’ and we have been finding out as much as we can about water. 

To support us with our learning we have been on several trips.


At Penllergare Woods we saw a manmade waterfall and enjoyed squelching in the muddy puddles with our wellingtons on.

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We went to Caswell Bay and stood in the middle of the stream that ran towards the sea. We walked out as far as the sea. It was great fun.

At Wyevale Garden Centre we looked at the fish in the aquarium and saw the hot tubs …..lovely for in the garden!  



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When we went to Brynmill Park we saw lots of different types of ducks.

We all became scientists when we went to Techniquest. We did lots of exploring and investigation

We’ve been finding out about freezing and melting. We made ice lollies with fruit juice for Mrs. Bray’s class. We had to do a favourite fruit juice survey to see how many to make and what flavours. They loved tasting their favourite flavours.  

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 Autumn Term

 We are having a very busy term settling into our new class and welcoming new children, Mia and Molly. Our topic this term is ‘Dragon Tales’ and we will be finding out about castles, knights, princes, princesses and dragons!
 Baking castle bricks……… and eating them! Yum, yum! DSCF1240
DSCF1195 (Small)  DSCF1196 Exploring Clase Castle -looking at the shapes. Building castles with bricks. 
 Using numicon for counting…….. and printing with it too. DSCF1250
 DSCF1243 Practising our cutting skills. 
 We visited Margam Park………and explored the castle. DSCF1295
DSCF1772   DSCF1634 Christmas began by rehearsing for our Christmas Concert.As you can see we looked great in costume and everyone said how good we were. 
 We had fun making chocolate logs and made lovely Christmas cards.  DSCF1229 (Small)  DSCF1620
DSCF1779 DSCF1789 We had our Christmas party and played pass the parcel.
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    Our Class Timetable

Year 2 PE 




Year 1 PE    




Tesco Money     /     Dinner Money collected today - £2.10 per day   

Could all parents please ensure that correct kit is brought in on the correct day.

Please feel free to pop in and ask any questions that you may have about how the class works, or about your child’s development.