Breakfast Club

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Breakfast Club


Our breakfast club is the perfect place to start the day. It is safe, friendly and relaxed. We have a team of dedicated staff who promote healthy eating, social development, interaction, physical development and good manners.


We have various activities to occupy us. Board games, jigsaws, table football, chess and drawing are some of the favourite activities we enjoy each day. We also take part in group games; ‘guess the missing person’ is the favourite at the moment. All the activities are differentiated to enable all children to take part.

Throughout the year we organise competitions where we challenge one another at different activities.



Daily menu

Cereal Choice




Bran flakes

Rice crispies

Toast (with / without jam)




Orange juice

Apple juice




Parents comments.

“Both my children get up early each morning to go into school to have breakfast with their friends.”

“Breakfast club has allowed me to go back to work part time.”

“My child goes to bed early now because he likes to go into breakfast club.”

“The menu for the children is varied and good.”

“My daughter now eats cereal; she would not attempt to eat it at home.”




Breakfast club is open to all children attending Clase Primary School. Doors open at 8 o’clock and close at 8.25 a.m. All children need to be accompanied to school by a responsible adult and handed to one of the breakfast club team. For health and safety reasons we ask that no vehicles are brought onto school grounds to deliver children.

If you are interested in your child joining breakfast club please contact the school office where you can complete the consent form that is required before children can attend.

There is no cost to attend breakfast club.