Specialist Teaching Facility - Autism Foundation Phase

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Foundation Phase Specialist Teaching Facility for Pupils with Autism


 Summer Term


In the summer term our theme will be Scrumptious.  We will be looking at food.  Food from around the world, how food grows (including growing our own), what happens to people who have no food.  We will also look at how to look after our teeth.  We have some exciting trips we hope to arrange:  Swansea Market, Folly Farm, Cadle Farm, Botanical Gardens, Gnoll Challenge and the Special Athletics Festival.






 Spring Term


 spring 2015 boots

 This spring our theme is “Pitter, Patter, Puddle Play”.

We will be looking at puddles, water and things that live near water.

We hope go on lots of walks to visit Brymill Park, Fendrod Lake & the marina to look at the birds that live there and maybe catch sight of some other marine life. 

We will write poems together and make letter shapes from water individually. Outside we will be looking at puddles, while indoors we will be playing and experimenting with water as well as investigating freezing and thawing water and ice. Each child will also be growing their own plant and measuring how well it grows. The children will have lots of measuring practise in maths sessions.

Spring 2015 brynmill

 spring 2015 noah

 Noah will be our RE theme this term as well as looking at Easter.

We will have lots of events to look at and celebrate with Santes Dwynwen Day, Chinese New Year and St David’s Day all coming in this term.

 Beans (2)

Beans (5)


 Beans (10)






 Juice Colours (8)

Juice Colours (11)

 Juice Colours (33)

 Leek and potato soup (9)

Leek and potato soup (19)

 LLiw (2)

 LLiw (6)

St Davids Day (4)

 St Davids Day (5)

 St Davids Day (20)

TQ circus WA (6)





 Autumn Term


Our theme for the Autumn term is "Dragon Tales" where we will be looking at things linked to castles. We have already visited Margam Park to go inside the fairy tale castle and to look at the main castle. We will also be visiting some castle ruins to see where they used to be built.

 Margam2 (21)

The children have made castle towers from cake and decorated them and have made their own knightly favours. Later in the term the staff and children are going to dress up as characters from a castle so that the children can see what the clothes and armour looked like.

We have practised printing in our art and are working together to make a model castle to play with. We have looked at castle walls and have carried out our own investigation to see which is strongest, a wall of straw, stick or brick. We plan to visit the cinema in November and take a trip on a Santa train in December

 straw sticks and bricks (24)

 story time1 (17)

TQ Chrsitmas 2014 (40) 

story time1 (6)

 Autumn IEP evidence 2014 (85)



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    Our Class Timetable

 Class fund due (£3).




Cooking afternoon 


Visit supermarket,


  Dinner money due to office £2.10 per day - £10.50 per week. Athletics


Please feel free to pop in and ask any questions that you may have about how the class works, or about your child’s development.