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   Gordans Coventry  
 Gordans Coventry has a range of interactive resources and games which will support your children at home. The games cover all aspects of the numeracy curriculum and are suitable for most primary school aged children. Have fun!                

               Wizard Numbers  

Wizards numbers is a problem solving number game. The children are given a selection of clues and they need to work through these clues to find out the missing number.                                   
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your children
     at home         
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 BBC Bitesize
BBC Bitesize has been developed by the BBC and has a wide range of interactive numeracy resources. There are a range of games, worksheets and lessons to follow all of which will help your children achieve their potential in maths. 
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Fun, interactive games and activities that will support and challenge their maths skills. The activities range from simple number work to problem solving and investigations. There is something for all abilities on this website.