Maths Homework Support

Last modified 10/02/2011 09:30

Click on any of the links below to be taken to a website that will help you with your maths.

There are also websites with worksheets and games so you can work on your maths skills at home.

                                                  Helpful Maths Web Sites

An excellent site covering all curriculum areas.

An excellent site covering all curriculum areas.

An excellent site for printing off worksheets to practise at home.

An excellent site covering topics from all curriculum areas.

An excellent web site with interactive activities and games for all curriculum areas.

Foundation Phase numeracy and literacy games.

A web site with problem solving games and activities to challenge your maths skills.

An online dictionary. The dictionary will help when looking up unfamiliar words. It also gives an explanation on what the word means.

A web site with a range of games for all ages.

A fun site with games and activities to develop early mathematical skills.

A variety of numeracy resources to develop your children's mathematical skills.

An excellent maths games site where the children can register for free and play other children from around the world in timed maths games. The children can play througout the year and practise for world maths day next year