Head Teachers Foreword

Last modified 06/02/2012 20:13
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and be the best that you can be.  

 Dear Parents / Carers

We are very pleased to welcome all children and family members to Cadle Primary School and hope the years spent with us will be happy, successful and memorable.  The format in this prospectus is intended to help introduce you and your children to the school.

Cadle Primary School enjoys a very good reputation in the community with whom, we foster close relationships.  We are proud of the many visitors we host because of our reputation for being a pro-active, innovative learning environment.  We constantly strive to achieve high quality teaching and learning and cater for the children both in terms of welfare and educational provision believing that all children should be encouraged to reach their full potential.

We appreciate the crucial part you play as parents, and would like to develop a true home / school partnership.

As parents, there are a number of things you can do to help:

  • Do reassure your children about school: talk to them about their teacher, the activities they are doing , the friends they are making and the happy time they will have;
  • Keep us informed of any significant details relating to your children’s education.  Tell us of any allergies, major health problems, or personal circumstances, which might be significant.  This information will be regarded as confidential and will help us to care all the more effectively for your children.
  • Do not hesitate to come and see us if there is a matter you wish to share.  Remember however, that some things are better discussed away from your children, at a time when the teacher is free to talk to you.
  • My role as Headteacher involves being responsible for all day to day procedures and as such I will always do my best to be available to meet parents at all times.

 Yours sincerely

 Mr J Richards