Animation in the Lower Juniors

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The children in the lower juniors have been making animated films. The children had to write a story line for the film, create their characters using soft dough, build their scenes and learn about camera angles and frames. The children worked in small groups and created each film using an animation package. The stories were based on the topic of Egypt.

Here are some of their creations.


Egypt Animation 3/4E Egypt Animation 3/4S
Egypt Animstion 3/4E Egypt Animation 3/4S


Animation 2011 - James and the Giant Peach

      Chocolate Castle    

  James and the Giant 


  The Chocolate Story    
 The Sweet Story      The Waterfall

 Winter Wonderland -

   The Snowy Day

 The Haunted House

Shark Land Winter Wonderland 

 At the Beach

WWI  Total Wipeout Land 
Christmas Land  Dinosaur Land  Hogwarts 
 Spooky Land Toys r Us Land  James goes to the pencil family