Digital Learning and iPads

Last modified 24/02/2013 14:36



Why use iPads for learning?

The iPad is:


  • an iBook reader
  • a tool for authoring and publishing iBooks
  • a web research tool
  • a presentational tool
  • a note taking device
  • a comic maker
  • a music studio
  • a video editor
  • an animation creator
  • a personal organiser


Year 2 is the year group that will focus on digital learning using the iPads.  We hope to expand the number of iPads we currently have (8) to suit our digital learning needs.

The children have already gained valuable experience of a number of apps and are developing their ICT skills in an enjoyable and creative way.

Below are some apps that the children have been using in school.  Perhaps this might inform you of possible purchases if you have a tablet at home.





                         Explain Everything      Ghostblasters           imovie

Maths Bingo

Morfo booth

My Story

                             Math Bingo           Morfo Booth           My Story

Sticky Words

Comic Life 


                                          Sticky Words           Comic Life            Spellosaur

book creator


math app

                                               Book Creator               Fotobabble          Times Table App