The Aims of the Healthy School

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A.  To promote actively the self esteem of all members of the school community.

B.  To actively develop good relationships in the daily life of the school.

C. To identify, develop and communicate a positive ethos and appropriate social values within the school community.

D. To ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to benefit from the stimulating educational challenges.

E. To take every opportunity to enhance the environment of the school.

F. To develop good school/home/community links and shared activities.

G. To encourage all staff to fulfil their health promoting role through staff development and training.

H. To develop and implement a coherent health education curriculum.

I. To establish good links with associated schools to ensure smooth transition, both socially and in relation to a
developmental health education programme.

J. To develop the school as a health promoting workplace with commitment to the health and well being of all staff.

K. To develop the complementary role of all school polices to the health education curriculum, such that the curriculum
reflects the contents of the policy and the policy reinforces the curriculum.

L. To develop partnerships with appropriate outside agencies and individuals, including the school health service for adviceand active support for health education and health promotion in the school.