RP at Brynhyfryd Infants

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Restorative Practice at Brynhyfryd

Infant School

 At Brynhyfryd Infant School, we have embraced an approach called Restorative Practice.  Restorative Practice is a philosophy.  Its aims are to develop community and manage conflict by repairing harm and building relationships.  Restorative Practice will compliment our Rights Respecting approach.


We will update this page with more information shortly.  If you would like to learn more you can visit the website of the International Institute for Restorative Practice.  Also there is information about Restorative Practice on the website - Children and Young People Partnership, Swansea.


All staff at Brynhyfryd Infants have taken part in Restorative practice training and two of our staff members (Miss K. Richards and Mrs V. Jones) have completed a three day RP course and are now Facilitators of Restorative Practice.