Questionnaires July 2012

Last modified 18/11/2012 15:25


Thank you for supporting our self evaluation process this term by taking the time to fill out our questionnaire.  We had a fantastic response - a total of 134 responses which we feel gives a good representation of parent views.

You said our strengths were.....

*  Children enjoy coming to school.

*  Children are well cared for and pupils are well behaved.

*  Our school provides a rich and interesting curriculum that helps the children to learn.

*  Teaching is good.

*  Our school is welcoming to parents and families and there are opportunities to get involved.


 There are many more strengths that were identified.  We are pleased to have such good feedback.

Some parents also said.....

*  You would like to see communication between home and school improved.

*  You would like to see more extra curricular activties.

*  That homework could be improved to further support your child's learning.

*  You are not aware of the roles of the Governors within the school.

 We like to listen to your views and will be working on making improvements.

What we will do now.....

*  Our school website is being updated regularly and it offers another means of communication.

*  We will put up a noticeboard on the school yard so that we can update information.

*  We will monitor our homework provision.

*  We will ask you about what clubs and classes you would like and look into ways of trying to make this happen.

Hopefully you find the website useful and this may address some concerns for example the 'Governing Body' section may answer some questions related to the roles of our Governors.  Also regular updates and calendar entries will keep you up to date with upcoming events and activities that your children are taking part in.