Outside Area

Last modified 12/09/2012 20:11


Our outside area has changed dramatically in recent times!

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We have used the outside space to create outdoor classrooms!  Mr Jones has helped us a great deal with the transformation.  The area alongside the school will be used as work areas that the children will be able to access.  Further development will take place over the coming months so watch this space......

"If children are to obtain maximum benefit from their experiences out of doors it is essential that parents and carers too understand its value.

Research shows that their attitudes to children's experiences are crucially important in developing children's confidence and self-esteem".

Welsh Assembly Government - Outdoor Learning 2009

The outdoors is the ideal environment for experiential learning, because it offers unique opportunities to be creative, to move around, to be noisy and to take risks.

The outdoors is full of special stimuli such as weather, sounds, smells and textures which can enrich and enhance a child's learning environment.