Enrichment Program

Last modified 10/09/2012 21:21


At Brynhyfryd Infant School we provide an Enrichment Program for the children.  This involves the pupils gaining experiences that they might not encounter as part of the school curriculum.  The activities are 'child led' and allow the pupils to experience an enriched curriculum.  The Enrichment Program also allows staff members to identify children who are Able and Talented in the areas covered.  Currently we offer 6 choices.  The children make three choices based on their own preference and a pupil list for each area is compiled.  We work hard to ensure that each child gains experience of his/her first choice at some point in the year.  We currently offer:-

Football   Craft   Gardening   Cooking   music62   zumba
      Football              Craft              Gardening        Cooking                  Music                Zumba