Eco Schools Philosophy

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ecoschoolslogo                                                                                            Reduce Reuse Recycle

We at Brynyfryd Infant School are committed to minimising the ecological and global footprint of the school and developing
the values and attitudes, knowledge, understanding and skills of all learners to help them become responsible, healthy and
informed global citizens.
Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) is education that will prepare young people for life
in the 21st century.  It is about:
* The links between society, economy and environment and between our own lives and those of people throughout the
* The needs and rights of both present and future generations.
* The relationship between power, resources and human rights.
* The local and global implications of everything we do and the actions that individuals and organisations can take in response to local and global issues.

(ESDGC: A Common Understanding for Schools July 2008)

As well as being an intrinsic part of our school curriculum, Eco Schools and Education for Sustainable Development and
Global Citizenship are infused throughout the life of the school and school community including the headteacher, teachers,
learners, parents, carers, governors, visitors and non-teaching staff.

We recognise that in order to educate our children in sustainable and global issues, we need to go beyond the formal
curriculum and demonstrate that the school practices what it preaches.  We aim therefore to instil in our children the five Rs.

* Reduce.
* Re-use.
* Recycle.
* Restore.
* Respect.