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The following are the Core Values of the school


The Core Values of the school influence the practices of the school and, as importantly, the manner in which we carry them out.

The values are focused on in turn through the year and are referred to in assembly time, circle time, through the school newsletter and at other appropriate times in the school day and year.

Each value has been linked to an article or group of articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), thus ensuring that pupils learn about their Rights along with the Values that help underpin the Rights culture of the school.


September                 Respect                       Appreciation                           Article 1


October                      Friendship                  Love                                         Article 7-11


November                  Peace                          Faith, tolerance                       Article 14


December                   Happiness                                                                   Articles 23-27 & 31


January                       Co-operation                                                             Article 15


February                     Responsibility                                                                        Article 28-30              


March                         Fairness                       Unity                                        Article 12


April                            Honesty                      Trust                                        Article 13, 16, 17


May                             Courage                      Perseverance, hope                Article 32-38


June                            Thoughtfulness          Understanding, patience        Article 18-22


July                              Appreciation              Care                                        Article 16