Reception Welcome Page

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Dear Parents,                                                                         

We hope you all had an enjoyable summer holiday and that the children enjoyed their break from school.   I know that there will be lots of changes for you and your child/ children  to take on board when they first start full time school.  I will just briefly go through some of the most important practical issues, which hopefully, will make life easier for everyone.

Reception Staff

Teacher     Mrs Allchurch

L.S.A.’s       Miss Thomas

                 Miss   Matthews

                 Mrs Deer (part time)

                 Miss Thomas (part time)

We will all be working with the children throughout the school day and Miss Matthews and Miss Thomas will also be with the children at lunch time.   

A brief breakdown of the school day:-

8.50 a.m.  Whistle will blow in yard – children line up to enter classroom.

       We would prefer it if children could enter the school building without parents as we               will help them to hang up their coats/bags etc.   This prevents congestion in the school building  and enables a calm start which is very beneficial for all concerned. If this is not possible for you or your child please see me for alternative arrangements.

8.50 – 10.15    :    Classroom time

10.15 – 10.30  :   Snack Time    -   we still provide all the children with a selection of  

fruit and a drink of milk/water. Please can you continue to pay 75p a week for snack. You can pay weekly/half termly or termly.

10.30 – 10.50 :  Outdoor playtime in yard area.

11.50 – 11.55 .  : Classroom time

11.55- 12.55:    Lunch Time

12.55 – 1.30  :    Assembly Time   ( We will be working up to going to Assembly, we haven’t   been yet!)

1.30 2.30  :        Classroom time

 2.30 -  2.45:     Playtime

 2.55  - 3.20 :     Classroom time

  3.20:                 Home Time

If you would like your child to have school dinners please pay £9. 75 every Monday.  Please bring the correct money in a named envelope. If you wish to change from hot dinners to sandwiches, a weeks notice needs to be given.

Alternatively your child will need a packed lunch. If your child is having any difficulties/concerns at lunch time please let me know as soon as possible so that I can try and address the problem as soon as possible, please don’t worry if it seems a small problem, I would prefer to sort out little niggles early on to prevent them developing.

As you can see it is quite a long day and I am anticipating some of the children will find a full week quite tiring.  We are expecting them to get very tired and we  have strategies to deal with this .I can assure you we will be very understanding to your children’s needs.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the first few days and we hope the children have too.  Please could you provide a bottle/flask of water – preferably leak proof, so that your child will have access to a drink during the school day.  Please can this be separate from their lunch time drink as this aids organisation and encourages the children to drink at frequent intervals.

Please could you also provide a gym kit for your child. We will need a named pair of shorts and a gym T shirt. We will go barefoot in the hall as this is recommended by gym specialists and it allows for the children to develop their skills.  Our gym session will be on a Thursday afternoon. We do not need a gym bag as we will keep all the kit in a central place, but it is very important that all kit is clearly labelled. We will also need a pair of named wellington boots that can be left in school for the children to use in our outdoor sessions.

Please can all clothes/coats be clearly labelled with your child’s name as now we will be spending more time in different areas of the school and  it will be much more difficult for us to keep track  of your child’s property

Please don’t worry about your child having any ‘toilet’ accidents. We anticipate these may happen until the children get used to the longer school day. We are quite used to dealing with these situations and they will always be dealt with in a sympathetic and understanding way.

This is only a brief breakdown of the school day and I will be sending further details

regarding school curriculum , topics, outdoor learning etc. home soon. My main concern at    the moment is that the children learn to deal with the new classroom, routines and longer  school day.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the first few days and hope the children have too!

We are very much looking forward to the year ahead! If there is anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to ask.


                                    Thank you for your support

.                                             Reception team