Last modified 13/03/2013 17:49

Literacy Intervention


My name is Helen Ellis. I have recently joined the staff at Bishopston Primary in the Foundation Phase Department as a literacy intervention teacher. This role is specially aimed at supporting children who have been identified to have the potential to accelerate their progress through small group support. The aim of my role is to help the children I work with to reach their potential through individually aimed support to strengthen their understanding of fundamental literacy goals such as reading, spelling and oracy. I have found that the children have responded well to activities using the   i-pad and the computer. I have found a few suitable apps and websites that stimulate the children and help to make learning both engaging and fun. I have listed below a few of the main successful apps and websites that I have used.


  • Hairy Letters
  • ABC Pocket Phonics
  • Twinkl teaching apps
  • letters and sounds