Autumn Planning Mrs Allchurch 2017/18

Last modified 17/09/2017 14:04

KS1 Medium Term Plan


In literacy we will be focussing on recount writing. Thinking about the features of good recount writing and we will be applying these features in our writing. We will be using Pie Corbett techniques to retell stories and our book this term will be The Jolly Postman. We will be using The Jolly Postman to help us retell the story and sequence the story.

In oracy we will be taking part in role play activities and retelling familiar stories in small groups. We will be focusing on using loud, clear voices and developing good listening techniques.

Children will take part in regular guided reading session which will be led by the teacher.


The children will be focussing on:

Year 1:

Number – counting, (using grouping) comparing and ordering numbers – to 20 and to 100; teen numbers and two-digit numbers with a focus on place value; addition – pairs of numbers to 10 and 20; doubling; near doubles.

Money – pay for items up to 20p, find totals and give change from 10p.

Handling data – gather and record from simple lists and tables; pictograms, block graphs and practical resources and extract information, sorting and matching

Year 2:

Numbers – Sequences to 1000; comparing; ordering

Addition/ Subtraction – multiples of 100

Subtraction – 1 digit; 10s; bridging 20; tens and units; mental strategies

Money- £1 coin, mixed notation

Capacity – nonstandard/ standard units

2D Shapes – angles; turns; symmetry

*Literacy and numeracy will be differentiated according to the needs of the children.*


Knowledge and Understanding

Our KUW focus this term is History. We will be learning about different houses and homes and how these have changed over time, we will also be focussing on the Great Fire of London. Finding out what caused the fire and the effect it had on the people of London. We may even try to re-create our own mini GFL!

In the second half term we will be learning about where sound comes from and how it travels. Wherever possible we will link this to our topic, eg – firework night and christmas




In RE we will be focussing on Harvest and we will be visiting thee local church and taking part in a celebration of thanks. In the second half term we will also be learning about the traditional Christmas story.



In PSD we will all be learning about our rights, based on the UNCCR. We will be making a class charter and focussing on playground rules.



We will be using Tedi Twt to help us with our welsh sentence patterns.

We will be taking part in daily welsh Drillo sessions, focussing

On developing vocabulary and use of sentence patterns.




The PE we will be following the PESS gymnastics programme, starting with floor work and moving on to using the large apparatus.




We will be learning to sing a range of songs linked to the topic we are focusing on at the time. We will be learning to colour mix and linking this to seasonal colours. We will use art to learn about The Great Fire of London. During our music sessions we will be using a range of percussion instruments.



The KS1 team.