Autumn Planning Intentions 2017/18 Year 3

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Language, Literacy and Communication


This term, the children will work on the following genres:

· Report writing

· Fiction

· Recount

These will be linked as much as possible to our Tudor topic. The children will focus on non-fiction information texts and will be improving their research skills and techniques. Spelling work will initially focus on high & medium frequency words and common spelling rules & patterns. Handwriting practise will focus on correct formation, orientation and joins. The children will also be working on basic punctuation and sentence structure.




The children will continue to learn how to ask and answer questions about themselves and others, talking in the first and third person and in the past and present tense. The focus this term will be ‘Dyma fi’.



Mathematics and Numeracy

This term the children will work on the following topics:

· Place value

· Addition and subtraction strategies

· Multiplying and dividing strategies

· Measures and Data

Through all topics there will be a focus on solving real life problems and applying skills to solving Maths puzzles.


Science and Technology

Changes of State

Children will be focusing on the following questions:

· What do we know about water freezing?

· Why is it a problem on the roads/in our houses when water freezes during the winter?

· Council workers put salt on the roads in winter. Can we investigate why they do this?




The children will learn the importance of internet safety. They will use the worldwide web to research and use information about The Tudors.


Children will briefly look at online simulations to develop computer skills and knowledge of ICT.


The children will be refining and improving their word processing skills. The culmination of this work will be the production of a simple presentation (photo story) on an aspect of’ Life in Tudor times.’ We will be carrying out research work and presentation work using iPads. We will also be exploring apps which can be adapted to our topic. This will be done with the children's input and ideas.




Expressive Arts

This term the children will be working on ‘Portraits.’ They will have the opportunity to explore portrait work through a range of mediums.




The children will perform orally and with instruments, simple melodic and rhythmic patterns, in unison and in parts.


Health and Well-Being


PESS Gymnastics- The children will learn to perform a floor sequence which will include a variety of travelling actions, balances and jumps. They will work independently, in pairs and in small groups. Children will evaluate and give feedback on each other’s performances

Dance-The children will perform dance as a class, in small groups and individually. They will evaluate their own performances and the performances of others.




Take increasing responsibility for keeping the mind and body safe and healthy

Feel positive about themselves and be sensitive towards the feelings of others and to understand the features and physical and emotional benefits of a healthy lifestyle Understand the harmful effects, both to themselves.





· Studying the changes in religion during the Tudor Times.

· Harvest Festival at St Teilo’s Church.

· Christmas