School Council

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School Council

The School Council is an improtant part of our school, every class from Y2 to Y6 vote for 2 pupils to represent them on the council. Meetings are held regularly and the councillors feed back to their class on decisions made or topics that will be discussed in future meetings.

This year we asked the prospective school councillors to write a manifesto so that the other pupils in their class could explain why they should be vote for them. The 3 main headings that the prospective councillors had to comment on where - My interests and personal qualities are, I would like to represent my class on the School Council because, My ideas to make Birchgrove a better place for us are.

Our elected school councillors for 2016-2017 are -

Y2 - Ryan Maddox, Gracie Dougal, Alisha Evans - Alphonse & Jacob Williams

Y3 -  Aden Artis, Holly Davies, Ethan Evans & Marika Bozemoj

Y4 - Megan Jukes, Oliver Jenkins, Kurtis Burns & Naomi Soper

Y5 - Adam Griffiths, Evie Aitchison, Kai Burns & Catlin Owen

Y6 - William Davies, Grace Elimelech,  Jon - Paul Edwards & Jasmine Davies


Our Autumn Term targets

  • Upload our council minutes to our school website
  • Organise a sponsored event 
  • Audit of playground equipment and P.E resources
  • Organise 'Christmas Jumper Day'


If you have any ideas to help improve our school, please let your school council representative know.

Thank you

Birchgrove School Council