Numeracy resources

Last modified 18/10/2013 14:08

100 square (100-1)                                          Number line 0-10

100 square (1-100)                                          Number line 0-20

Number line -20 to +20                                    Number line -30 to 0

2D shape cards                                                2D shape information cards

3D shape cards                                                3D shape information cards                              

Coin number line 1p-20p                               Coin number line 1p-£1

Dinosaur numbers 0-50                                 Dinosaur numbers 51-100

Dinosaur numbers and words  0-20            Time vocabulary

Units of time posters                                       Data Handling vocabulary

How to use a protractor                                   Length abbreviation cards

Maths vocabulary cards                                  Measurements equivalent posters

Quarters and halves pizza                              Mean, median, mode, range explanations

Size comparison cards                                   Size word cards

Types of triangle                                               Weight abbreviation cards